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I'm so glad you're here, friend! Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, or a Mom looking to optimize your fitness with cycle based training, you've found the right place!

How I can best support you?

Bridge Pose

Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy is such an AMAZING time, and your health and fitness have never been more critical! We will work together on maintaining full body fitness & stability, addressing core strength to minimize chances of developing Diastasis Recti, building cardio endurance as you prepare for labor, practicing mindset, breathing & pushing techniques, and hopefully minimize pregnancy related pain along the way.

Young Mother and Baby

Postpartum Rehab

Baby is here, but your body might still feel pretty foreign. I can help you return to fitness gradually and safely while working on rehabbing abdominal separation, reconnecting with your pelvic floor to minimize leaking, addressing posture, movement patterns, rebuilding baseline strength and easing into high endurance and impact exercise. This progression can be done with either 1:1 or small group coaching.

Workout with Slam Ball

Cycle Based Training

Once you've rehabbed your core post- baby and are ready to step it up, this cycle based programming is designed to maximize your potential by synching the intensity of your workouts to what phase of menstrual cycle you're in. This also works great for moms that may still not have a period back for an extended time due to breastfeeding. This program is a self-paced, monthly subscription.

Fitness on Yoga Mat

How Online Training Works:

1) We start with a video call to go over the basics of core activation, breathing and movement patterns. 

2) You log into the app where all of your weekly workouts will be uploaded and scheduled.

3) Check in and complete your workouts on your own time, and communicate with me right on the app!

It's that simple to start the journey to your strongest self- So lets get started!!

Staying Fit

Core and Pelvic Floor

All of our programs start here.

It's no secret that pregnancy is tough on the core! We focus on developing deep core activation to minimize and heal DIASTASIS RECTI, reduce LEAKING, improve BACK PAIN, help flatten MOMMY TUMMY postpartum, and get you back to FEELING your best!


You're an athlete in TRAINING 

If you're pregnant, or if you're beginning your motherhood journey (or adding to your family) it's not just exercise anymore... you are an athlete in TRAINING for birth & motherhood- the most demanding requirements of your life! 

Our programs are geared toward the physical strength you will need to support 9 months of pregnancy, the endurance you'll be thankful

during for labor & delivery, and the all around fitness you need to be supermom for your beautiful family.

Mother and Daughter Yoga

Designed for Busy Moms (like you)

On YOUR time, in YOUR home.

Designed to use minimal equipment.

Don't have a moment to yourself? We understand!

Workouts are short, accessible on your phone, and kiddos are always welcome!

But it's bigger than fitness. Or weight. Or pants size.

It's about your irreplaceable role as a Mom. 

And we can help you find the strength, the confidence, and the energy you need to actually enjoy the journey.

lifting brick.jpg

Matrescence is defined as "the process of becoming a mother: Those physical, psychological and emotional changes you go through after the birth of your child..."

(Cambridge English Dictionary).


The Motherhood Journey is so much more than just a physical birth. Our perspective changes as much as our bodies. Our hearts grow even more than our bellies.  


"Matrescence" captures the growth of our whole being. 


I specialize in Prenatal & Postnatal fitness, and focus on intentional movement and the 'why' behind what we train. On forming healthy habits that will produce the desired results in your life. And on providing research and education so you can be at the helm of your own health & fitness journey.