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2 Weeks Postpartum 💕_._._I was terrifie

My Story

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Katy- a Mom of 5 kids (currently 6 and under), a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

I've been an athlete all my life. I played college volleyball, and my career plan was to become a Physician Assistant. After having my second baby during my second semester of PA school, I put that on hold, but wanted to use my background in Anatomy & Physiology as well as athletics somehow.

I decided to become a trainer because it seemed in line with my background, but would have flexible enough hours for a full-time mom.

After working in the gym setting, I went fully online 1) to reach friends that did not live locally and 2) to be a more economical and convenient option for my clients.

Now here we are- with an awesome online platform to reach Moms anywhere in the world and support each other in our beautiful, crazy motherhood journeys! 

The Pregnancy Pro Vision

As a Coast Guard family we have moved quite a bit, and sometimes we haven't had the support of local family and friends to help with the kiddos. It was in those times I developed the conviction that I needed to focus in to improve my strength and endurance, so I could actually juggle the demands of mom-life! 

But, enter pregnancy & postpartum, and I honestly didn't know HOW to do that. Getting to the gym got harder with each kid, and I had no idea what home exercises were even safe or important for pregnant moms. I was guessing about what core work to do, trying unsuccessfully to navigate a TON of pelvic pain, and feeling totally lost since I didn't have much equipment. And even when I did get back in shape, I would pee my pants a little while jumping- and that squishy belly never really went away. 

So that's why the Pregnancy Pro Pre & Postnatal programming is here for you! I wanted to make a clear path for moms to follow- because our fitness needs pre& postnatal are very unique, and since every moment of your time is so valuable. I provide the coaching to make sure you are totally comfortable with the "listen to your body" advice that is always thrown around, and the step-by-step progressions to build your strength, starting from the deep core.


So, if you are nervous about diastasis recti, struggling with incontinence, hoping to have a healthy pregnancy & prep for labor, or trying to regain your core and endurance after birth, I'm here for you! 

You are irreplaceable, and you are worth it. Plus, we only get this one shot at life, so lets dive in, have some fun, and gain a whole lot of strength and confidence while we're at it!

I'd love to get to know your story now too! Send me a message here-->

and we can connect! Let's do this together, mama. 



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